TORTURE - A New Play by Omri Kadim

I wrote a play this past summer called TORTURE. It’s the first full-length play I’ve written, and was a lot of fun to put together! I discovered a bit of what interests me in terms of storytelling: the piece is an idea play, with a lot of conversation. I wanted to write in the style of Beckett, and the piece started out as something of an homage to him.

I’d been in conversation with my good friend, Daniel Manning, about putting together a production once we both got back into the city. I suggested my play, and sent it over to him to see if he liked it. He said he loved it, and would love to direct it in the Fall! Since then, we’ve been in conversation about how to put it up, brought a producer onboard, and have looked at several theatre spaces.

We also recently had the first reading of the play with the cast we assembled! I had written the play with specific people in mind, and they all said yes. I feel so grateful. These are talented actors who have done more with the words I wrote than I would have imagined.

We’re already in rehearsals now! I’ll be acting in it myself (create your own opportunities, right?) and also plan to design the poster. It feels wonderful to be building something from the ground up like this, and we’ve all been learning so much about what it takes to put theatre up in New York City. The most important lesson? It's possible!

We’ve just started fundraising, so have a look at our Kickstarter page for more information, and if the project excites you, consider donating. Stay tuned for more updates!

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