RADA Here I Come!

I recently applied, auditioned and was accepted to study Shakespeare in Performance at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London! I couldn’t be more excited! I love Shakespeare with all my heart and to get to study his work and world in London will be incredible and invaluable. I will also get to spend time seeing shows (I’ve never seen a show at the Globe) and going to museums as part of my academic classes whilst I’m there. Also, since my family lives in London, I’ll be home very often doing laundry! It’s going to be heaven!!

I look forward to the change of scenery too. I love New York, but I think it’s good to get different perspectives while you can in college. It’ll be enriching I’ve no doubt. And I’ll be there with several of my friends, so I’ll get to share the experience and build even stronger, lasting connections with people.

In other news, I’ll be playing the Jock in the upcoming Stella Adler Studio Rehearsal Project production of “Columbinus”. I was cast against type, which is quite exciting, and I’ll get to stretch myself a bit. Rehearsals have been passionate whirlwinds, as one can imagine when dealing with sensitive and emotional material. There has been a lot to explore, and I’ve come to really appreciate how important a sense of camaraderie is needed in an acting company. We all support each other as characters when we are onstage, but as actors and human beings too, when we are in the rehearsal room, or even just getting lunch together and working through our connections to the play.

Amazing things are in store!

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