A Summer with Ionesco

I’m now in London, spending summer at home, but I haven’t let the concept of “vacation” sink in. As soon as I got back I created an account on castingcallpro.com and started going out on auditions. With an accent midway between British and American, I wasn’t expecting too many callbacks, but after a few auditions I landed several roles in a Eugene Ionesco Festival being put up at “The Space” in London’s Isle of Dogs. I’m playing the Professor in "The Lesson", as well as Jack’s Father in “Jack or Obedience” and its sequel “The Future is in Eggs”, which will be a UK premiere!

We’ve been rehearsing for a couple of months, with opening night not far away now. It’s been incredibly hot, and whenever we’re not running lines onstage, we’re doing it in a park around the corner. I’ve met several great people through this show, actors at various stages of their career. It’s wonderful to compare their views on the craft with those of my friends' back in New York, and they also seem interested in the differences, most of which revolve around terminologies (“corpsing” is a wonderful substitute for “fluffing” a line, and I intend to use it often...).

My part in “The Lesson” involves what is essentially a nonsensical 16-page monologue! It’s been hard work memorizing it, since it’s composed largely of lists, but the character is so much fun to play that I find myself reciting long parts of it just to tweak how I want to say specific parts.

I’m extremely glad I’ve gotten to work this summer. I’ve continued to explore my craft, theatre history (I knew very little of Ionesco before being called into the audition) and maintain my instrument. It’s hard to look past opening night, but with RADA looming, I grow more excited by the day.

Talk to you soon! Stay tuned!

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