From Shakespeare to Stonestreet

We’re now less than a week from opening “Hamlet”. It’s been a wild ride. The director’s vision is an ambitious one, with the play going back in time over its three-hour runtime. Starting in the present day, we move back with each scene until we end up in medieval Europe. This has meant some incredible (and incredibly fast) costume changes for the cast!

I, however, am spared from this frenzy, and am subjected to an altogether different kind of costuming concept. I’ll be playing the Ghost much like Gollum in Lord of the Rings, and as a result will be wearing nothing but some cut up underwear and scar makeup… and it’s a cold theatre…

!t’s been really fun to play the character in this way, rather than imperious and droning. I hope I really get to scare the audience a bit, and I get to explore my physicality, which is something I rarely do, so it’s been extremely valuable. The director has been kind enough to not cut any of the Ghost’s lines, so I really have my moment to go on stage with a monologue, scare some audience members and fellow actors, scream and shout, but maintain the command of the words (thank you RADA), and then go off and help people backstage until the end, where I get to play Fortinbras and have the last lines of the show! It’s been a wonderful way to both capitalize on the knowledge I gained abroad and move forward in my acting career.

Stonestreet has been another wonderful experience. Camera acting is, as everyone says, so different from acting onstage in so many minute and interesting ways. The way in which a simple turn of the head or of even only the eyes can communicate a world of information is mind-boggling, and it has been a lot of fun navigating this new world.

We also have a class where we learn about writing and producing our own work, and I’ve taken the opportunity to workshop my second full length play, which I wrote while I was in London. Writing screenplays is also very different from writing for the stage, since the visual aspect is suddenly so much more important than conversation. Again, it’s been fascinating.

I plan to stay in New York for the first time this summer, and see if I can keep busy and productive in the city where I hope to spend a great deal of my future in. Stay tuned to hear about how that turns out!

Oh, by the way, come see Hamlet! Here's the poster, designed by yours truly:

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