New Headshots!

I’ve gotten new headshots, and I couldn’t be happier! As an actor, headshots are your calling card, they need to show the world who you are. These have come at an auspicious time for me, as I prepare to graduate from college, and am cementing a lot of the elements of my personal and professional self. There’s a unique satisfaction in comparing new headshots to old ones, and seeing how I have changed and grown as an actor and as a person.

For my headshots, I went to Dirty Sugar Photography in New York. A teacher recommended them to me, and I also did my own research and found I loved their style. They’re fantastic at capturing personalities who are not necessarily immediately recognizable as a certain “type”, but have a quirkiness and an interesting look. And boy, do they pamper you! You come in, get to put your own music on and jam while they do your hair and makeup and pick outfits for you from your own wardrobe. They don’t limit you to block colors or certain necklines; they want to see you express yourself! So I brought some eclectic pieces, and let them put together looks for me. The people at Dirty Sugar are fun, laid back, funny and definitely know their stuff, so the whole experience was great!

I really needed commercial headshots. I may like to play intense when I can, but as a person, I don’t wander around introducing myself to people trying to stare deeply into their soul... I tend to smile! So getting a more laid-back look that is truthful to who I am felt both liberating and grounding.

I feel more ready than ever to experience whatever lies ahead. I’m slowly building myself into the kind of actor I always wanted to be, and these headshots are a big step. Let me know what you think!

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