Exciting Times!

Exciting times! I’ve graduated from college a semester early, and am about to put into practice what I’ve spent four years learning and re-learning.

It’s thrilling, as an actor and an artist, to now get to create my own systems. I won’t be going into another structured 9-5 schedule anymore. From now on, I'll have the time and the opportunity to define myself in a way I never have before. So from now I’m auditioning, I’m producing, I’m writing and designing, I'm doing anything and everything I can!

I’ll be interning soon at the Stonestreet Film/TV Studio, so I’ll have the opportunity to strengthen my editing skills, as well as design posters for their upcoming productions, and as a teaching assistant for Voiceover teacher Andy Roth, I’ll get to keep working on my voice, in cooperation with of one of New York’s top teachers in the field!

Speaking of which, I'm also slowly but surely making my way into the amazing world of Voiceover! I booked a job as the voice of an upcoming App called Winston! It's a cool concept: set an alarm, pick a topic, and wake up to a quote about that topic read to you by a british dog by the name of Winston who loves his books, played by yours truly! It's been a lot of fun recording.

My fellow producers and I over at Sweet Sweet Productions are also ramping up preparations for our first short film, “Limited Engagement”, which I also wrote. We’ve been meeting to discuss the final cut, premiere parties, our website and more, so look out for that! Our Facebook page is live now, so feel free to have a look and like the page for updates about this and our upcoming projects. We’ve already done a couple of readings of our next script. It’s going to be fantastic.

Now, these things may keep my hands, brain and voice busy, but what to do for the rest of me? Well, for that, I’ll be attending not one, but two Stage Combat classes, learning how to fight with Rapier and Dagger as well as Smallsword! There’s no better exercise than slashing wildly (but safely) at your similarly-minded friends with a length of steel...

So yeah, exciting times indeed!

Stay tuned for updates on all my ventures and adventures, as I make my way into 2015. Happy New Year to all!

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