Keeping Busy? Check. Also ALL the links!

I’m a couple months into the New Year, and it’s been fruitful indeed!

First thing’s first: I’m acting! I’m doing what I love. I’m a part of a One Act Festival called “Hell is Other People” being put up by Quirky Productions in early March. I’ve included a link to the fundraising page below! I actually designed the poster, and all the info is there too. We’re looking to raise $1400 (the space tripled the rent on us last minute…). Once March 7th hits, I invite anyone and everyone to come have a few laughs at my expense! I get to play a husband whose entire sex-life is being tweeted to the universe by his technologically obsessed wife. Needless to say, rehearsals have been a lot of fun.

I’m ALSO in a reading! A dear friend of mine has written a full-length play about a depressed addict hospital clown trying to cheer up a twisted, sociopathic 15-year-old girl. Again, needless to say, rehearsals have been a lot of fun.

Interning at Stonestreet has been a blast. I’ve learned so much from Andy Roth, and my audition technique, even my entire outlook on life, has been enriched for it. I’ve also been hard at work putting together all of Stonestreets’ visual material: designing posters for 8 productions and putting them all into an original newsletter. It’s put me in a graphic design mindset, which has been great because…

I launched my design website! I’ve been passionate about visual art for years and have recently begun to carve out a niche for myself designing logos, posters and even concept art for theatre companies! Have a look at the link below and feel free to let me know what you think! I’ve already gotten 3 or 4 people interested in hiring me. Very exciting.

My voiceover gig with Winston has also been ramping up. Launch nears, and I am frantically recording and editing quote after quote after quote… after quote. It’s actually quite inspiring, as I get to read aloud the advice of some of history’s most famous and wise figures. I’ve included a little teaser below.

Oh, and finally, a fun little thing: Dirty Sugar Photography showcased my headshots on their blog a while back! Turns out I am "smiley" as well as "wily"... Have a look below!

So yeah, I’m in two productions, keeping up with a busy internship, recording constantly for a voiceover job, am designing posters and logos on the side (there’s a side?!?), not to mention all the auditioning. Oh, and I’m still slashing at people with lengths of steel in my stage combat classes.

I feel lucky. Better than that, I feel productive. Hell, I’ll take more! Bring it on!

Stay tuned for updates on all these and future projects! Onward!

Hell is Other People:

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