Checking In After a Busy Semester

Phew! It's been a while since I posted, but I can tell you all it's not because I've put it off, I've simply genuinely not had the time! What a wonderful feeling it is to be so busy you can't even update everyone on your progress.

But I've just officially graduated from New York University's Tisch School of the Arts this week (Thanks Robert De Niro), and things have finally calmed down enough for me to recount all the exciting things that have been happening, and put in motion for the future.

First thing's first: The App I've worked on for so long is out! After a change of name and some final quotes added to the list already 300 strong, Arthur Alarm is on the market!

People have already been downloading and the feedback is positive! Let me know what you think, and I can pass it on. After a few rounds of tweaking, we'll be right back to recording more quotes! I can't wait for the next round.

I'm also now certified in Rapier and Dagger! It was a brutal round of classes, and any discipline which involves two seperate weapons is always going to be a challenge, but with the help of great mentors and colleagues, I recieved a recommended pass. This is the fourth stage combat discipline I've tested in, and the fourth I've been recommended in. I can't wait for the next one.

This has already translated into my first fight choreography gig! I choreographed a 10-second screen brawl between a consummate professional assassin and a couple of hapless thugs (I even got to play one of those thugs and choreograph my own painful beating) for an upcoming pilot being shot by Stonestreet Studios - Videola. The whole experience of choreographing, rehearsing, and shooting out in New Jersey in a back lot was just awesome. I can't wait to see the final product, and to do it all again on another project.

Interning at Stonestreet was a blast, particularly assisting Andy Roth in the Voiceover Booth. The experience was enriching and educational, and I'll be looking back on what I learned from it for the rest of my life, I'm sure. Most important? Let things be easy, it is the actor's job to emotionally be and physically do and that's it! I can't wait for my next experience.

And I've already got some lined up! Now that I'm officially done with school, it's time to start taking some classes, right? I've got an animation Voiceover class lined up in a couple of weeks that looks amazing! I'll get to work with casting director Danielle Pretsfelder!

Beyond all that I've recently moved apartments, began working at a hotel to pay the bills, and am starting to plan a short trip out to LA to test the creative waters. I truly feel De Niro's words to me and my graduating class resound through my being: "Next."

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