The Most Productive Month Yet!

I've said this before: It's been a long time since I've written, but with good cause! September was without a doubt the busiest month I had, so busy I couldn't even properly let everyone know how busy it truly was.

I was in not one but two shows in September, on extreme opposite ends of the creative spectrum. On the one hand, I worked with The Living Theatre (the oldest avant-garde theatre in the country) on a new adaptation of Weiss' The New Trial, which went up at Theatre For the New City (itself a New York institution) as part of its Dream Up Festival. I performed an exciting, political piece utilzing some Hebrew, German, and my whole body engaged in the presentation of a soulless corporation as it opresses an individuals ideology. Interesting stuff.

Then, AT THE SAME TIME, I was working on a bold new vision of Othello for Madcap Repertory Theatre's inaugural season. It took place in a beautiful apartment in Brooklyn belonging to a sculptor and an artist. Honestly it was practically a theatre space in an of itself, we barely had to touch it! I acted as Lodovico as well as a Host-like figure, being a bridge between the audience and actors in order to get them more involved in the process. Not only did I act, but choreographed all the fight scenes and prepared all the graphic design material. When I commit to a show, I commit to a show, huh?

Both went brilliantly! Sold out shows for Othello and a packed house full of hungry artistic minds for The (New) Trial.

Review for The (New) Trial:

And both have already led me towards new and exciting opportunities! The (New) Trial may well transfer to Berlin, and wouldn't that be something? As for Othello, it has given birth to multiple paid opportunities for fight choreography for shows in and around the city! Plus, a wonderful working relationship with Madcap means I remain in touch with my friends there about bringing my own visions to the stage.

That's right, there's no time to rest. I'm already working on my own Shakespearean adaptation (more on that in the coming months) and have plunged myself right back into the auditioning pool, even as I prepare fight sequences and am always writing and designing.

I truly do believe that in today's modern world, no actor can or should claim to be JUST an actor. We are artists, we are creatives, and with all the opportunities afforded to us at every turn by the technology which connects us and opens doors, there is simply no excuse not to be making art at every turn! I've devoted myself to this. And hey, judging by the past months of rehearsals, workshops, writing and drawing sessions, and endless (safe) fights, I think it's going well.

Stay tuned for the all the developments coming up.

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