If There's a Way to Start a Year - This Is It!

Happy New Year All!

I spent New Year’s Eve at Times Square, on a rooftop, watching the ball drop. It was an exciting first!

And it seems that experience is set to define the rest of my 2016 as well, since within just this first month, I’ve experienced several “firsts”.

I began the year with two simple resolutions:

  1. Get in better shape (duh)

  2. Find representation as an actor by the end of the year

And it appears that when you resolve hard enough, you succeed. I am happy to announce that I was contacted by Hampton Models and Talent of NY, and that, based on the strength of my reel, website and resume they decided to sign me! Hampton Models is a well established, boutique agency filled with wonderful people I have already had the opportunity to meet with. They are non-exclusive, allowing me the freedom to continue to work with others in and around the city, and have already begun submitting me for a variety of jobs. That’s one exciting first!

I have also successfully auditioned to One on One NYC, and have already begun taking classes there to keep my acting skills attuned. I’ve met several wonderful people from all facets of the industry, all who have wonderful things to say. There’s another first!

Another extraordinarily exciting announcement is that I am working towards staging my own adaptation of Shakespeare’s Coriolanus, and that the production is gaining some serious momentum! The adaptation is bold and never-before-seen, as it is a short cut (only around 45 minutes) and uses stage combat as the primary storytelling tool! It’s pretty freakin’ cool! I have a cast of 10 excellent actor-combatants, a passionate and experienced director, and the backing of a wonderful Off-Broadway theatre company: Shakespeare in the Square. Fundraising is our main concern now, and we’re all hussling to reach out to as many people as possible! For more information you can browse our prospectus here, and if you would care to donate to Coriolanus: From Man to Dragon, you can follow this link:


All donations are tax deductible! See you at the show!!

Okay so I DID produce Torture back in 2012, but not on this scale, and not I, or any production that I know of, as far as I can tell, have used stage combat to such an extent. So that’s very much a first!

And to immerse myself in stage combat further, I will soon be taking a Single Sword class with master teacher J. Allen Suddeth! It will be the fifth discipline I hope to receive accreditation in. (okay, that’s not a first, but I’ve never studied with Master Suddeth, so there’s that!!!)

And even with all this going on, I (of course) continue to audition, record Voiceover clips and work my butt off pursuing parallel passions in writing and graphic design. I’m working on concept art for a horror movie, and have recently submitted a play I wrote for a competition, and some poetry for publication! Oh! That’s a first!

Yup, if there’s a good way to start a new year, I dare say it’s this one. I go into 2016 optimistic, rejuvinated and ready to make it mine! Stay tuned for updates on all these projects and more, as I am sure the year has many more firsts in store for me!

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