It's Been a Minute... A Hot Minute

So it's been over half a year since my last post! How embarrassing. It feels silly to say it's because I've been busy - Not because it's not the case, it most definitely has been - but because that seems to have been my opening line for pretty much every one of my posts over the last few years!! And so, I resolve to keep everyone updated more frequently as to my progress through this crazy thing called acting and the industry.

It's been an incredible year so far, and there's so much to say. Here are some highlights though:

- I have begun working with the wonderful people of Talentbook-TTA Management, who have already done wonders for my career, getting me auditions for projects of a higher caliber than previously, and taking me under their wing, offering some great industry - and life - advice. Just a couple of special auditions this summer were for Mr. Robot, and my first animation VO audition for a kids show based on the Jungle Book!

- Coriolanus: From Man to Dragon has grown into a project beyond my wildest dreams! We now have a core of 10 actors as well as an additional ensemble of highly talented fighters, upwards of 60 individual weapons, an incredible space booked downtown at the Italy Time Theatre (It's HUGE), a fantastic press agent, and dates!! We will be going up in November for a two week run. We have been immersed in fight as well as text rehearsals for a long time now, and the show looks, quite simply, epic. I get to at times command or face off against a line of spears, or a shield wall, and the depth that extended combat adds to the life of each and every character has been eye opening. The stakes are higher for everyone, and there's a grim maturity to every performance. We even have industry professionals such as Will Cantler excited to see the show. This is all I ever hoped for this show and with such an incredible team in place, I cannot wait to share it with you all. Previews begin November 4th!

- Remaining in a stage combat mindset: I received my certification in Single Sword (recommended pass) and am saving up to hopefully take on my next discipline, quarterstaff. I've had the opportunity this summer to take point on the stage combat choreography for not one but two shows! A production of Romeo and Juliet that went up at the Playwrights Horizons Studio (I also had the opportunity to finally play Tybalt) and slapstick dark comedy THUD! Which was one of the most buzz-worthy shows of this year's NY Fringe Festival. This was also my first paid choreography gig, a great step in the right direction.

- I booked a short film that will be premiering as part of an upcoming exhibition at the New York Historical Society! I had a blast playing a drunk British soldier poking fun at Americans during the Revolutionary War, and got paid to boot! It was also my first experience with a green screen, which was a lot of fun. The exhibition will be up from Sept. 23rd on and deals with the Battle of Brooklyn. I urge everyone to explore it.

- I have new headshots! I worked with the brilliant Jeff Mosier on older-looking, beautiful shots that reflect who I am as a performer and the type of roles I'm best suited for. Let me know what you think below.

So here I am! I am gaining additional representation, marketing myself through classes, creating my own project collaborating with professionals and exciting industry insiders, writing, fighting, auditioning, designing, choreographing and, as ever, making my way towards a fuller, even more successful artistic career at ever greater heights. I consider these small steps, but no less inspiring for that.

I promise once again to update you sooner rather than later, hopefully with awesome productions stills from Coriolanus: From Man to Dragon. For now, enjoy these sneak peaks from rehearsal:

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