Looking Back... And Ahead!

Well, Coriolanus is over, and what a feat it was! Two years ago it was an idea in my head, but now I have fond memories, awesome production photos, glowing reviews and – something I never expected to come from it – a theatre company to call my own. Out of Coriolanus has come Combative theatre Co. a place where theatre can be explored, interpreted and re-defined through stage combat. It’s an extraordinarily exciting undertaking, and I attempt it surrounded by some incredible people.

Coriolanus was sold out! And we were seen by some top NYC casting directors to boot. In the aftermath I have done my best to capitalize on it’s success, reaching out to various industry professionals who saw it, looking to hear from them, and touting the hard work everyone involved has put into it. It has been a boon for me in classes, which I continue to attend (and can now focus on even more) and has helped me solidify in my own mind my vision of myself as someone who can produce their own work, see it through, and build upon it. As for Coriolanus itself, we intend a re-mounting after the new year, and are currently in conversation with the space to accomplish this. We have also generated some interest among organizers of theatre festivals as far away as Europe! Though I hesitate to give anything away so early, it’s wonderful to know there may be more life to this production yet.

Its been a tough year overall, but for me and my career it has been invaluable. I end the year richer in contacts, agents, material and confidence than I began it, and for that I am thankful to everyone along the way. I now get to look forward to next year, sure to be full of new resolutions, new projects, goals and – I now have no doubt – new heights.

I intend to continue taking classes and growing my list of industry professionals who are excited about my work, both here in NYC as well as Chicago, cities in the south, and internationally. I’m also learning to grow my social media presence and leverage it in the most fulfilling ways. I’ll be getting certified in (hopefully) and re-upping several stage combat disciplines, which have proved to be a beneficial, even shaping factor in my life thus far. And now that my own production has been so successfully completed, I look forward to throwing myself into auditions and other people’s projects with ever more heart.

I read and write poetry daily, I draw in my spare time and continue to design logos and posters, and in truth, I’ve never felt more like an artist. I look forward to what comes next, and I welcome anyone who wants to be a part of that journey.

Here’s to 2017!

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