Didn't Even Let You Know, BUT...

Another post, another half a year's worth of time. I really should write more often, and for that I'm sorry. I'm very excited, though, to fill you in on what I've been up to, and what I'm looking forward to!

The first and probably most important is that I've just come off the back of a very special show! I got to portray Young Hitler in George Tabori's Mein Kampf which ran for nine performances at the Theater for the New City downtown on 1st avenue. It's been my highest paying gig to date, and as an Israeli actor, this was a once in a lifetime opportunity and I was able to have a whole lot of fun with it! With such a special role (and during a time of some political upheaval to say the least) came new tangential opportunities. I was interviewed for a couple of Jewish interest publications and newspapers regarding my portrayal, and even got interviewed by a local radio station. It was wonderful to speak more widely not only about the unique acting challenges, but about what it means to me personally to play such a role.

Here's a link to one of the publications. this was for an Israeli newspaper and was originally written in Hebrew, but it's been translated here:


The shows themselves went extremely well! The sumptuous set and costumes were a luxury I hadn't gotten to experience outside of a film set in a long while, and I got to act opposite some extremely talented people, which made playing around a joy. I am also very pleased to say the show - and more specifically my performance - has been very well reviewed. Here are a few highlights:

- "The star of this production of Mein Kampf is Omri Kadim, a talented, charismatic actor who plays Hitler... Omri Kadim's magnificent performance gave me a lot to think about." - Tom Stevens, Applause! Applause!

- "Omri Kadim is a fantastic Hitler. He masters the nuances of his behavior, and gives him a rich humanity that makes him all the more disturbing to watch" - Thomas Scully, PopDust

- "Omri Kadim gives young Adolf dimension, remarkably avoiding the pitfall of caricature" - Marylin Lester, Theatre Pizzazz

- "Omri Kadim plays young Hitler with incredible physical intensity and acrobatic grace—his rhetorical absurdities are delivered at breakneck speed yet fully plumbed for their grotesque statements." - Beate Bennett, New York Theatre Wire

We closed just this past week, and to a sold out house. I got some brilliant, eerie photos out of it (see below) and made some great contacts.

when I wasn't busy with Mein Kampf I was working hard to keep my theatre company, Combative Theatre Co. alive and productive. We've hired a Company Manager and have developed an entirely original song to film a combat sequence to. We have a creative heads meeting set up for next month to discuss next steps and keep this very special experiment moving.

I've also been writing furiously, with my adaptation of the Oresteia in partnership with the incredibly talented Matt Minnicino going swimmingly, and several original pieces in the works. I also wrote an original short horror film called PRICK which I will be producing before the end of the year (funding has already been largely secured). So stay tuned for updates on that.

the German short film I got to be a part of has begun making the festival rounds, and came out looking brilliantly. I will be incorporating footage from it when I update my reel soon, but in the meanwhile you can see a cool still below.

With Mein Kampf show now under my belt, several new glowing reviews, and a couple of passion projects moving steadily forward, I have the chance to shift gears somewhat and dive into agent meetings, email and classes. I'll be focusing on growing my professional pool and hopefully securing some strong representation moving into the future. I'm very excited.

I promise to update the website more frequently with how progress is going in regards to all these projects, especially since I have no doubt they'll be moving quickly. In fact I'll be fighting to achieve just that!

Until then, enjoy some wild photos of me as Hitler on the stills page!

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