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Hey All!

As always, apologies for the crazy amount of time between posts, but instead of going on about it yet again, why don’t we jump straight into the goodies? So:

I’ve been auditioning regularly as you’d expect, and have noticed a marked improvement in my self-tape skills. Most now at least lead to a callback, which is wonderful considering I find myself submitting for higher profile projects (TV guest spots, low budget features, that sort of thing) more often than I used to.

That being said, it’s definitely the live audition room where I still thrive, especially when it’s for theatre. As a result I’ve gotten to be a part of a few projects since I last wrote. Two stick out in my mind – I was cast as Cornwall in a wildly fun King Lear produced by DMTheatrics. I got to film myself putting someone’s eyes out with my phone and see the footage used. That’s what I call a good time! I also just finished a run of a new show called In the Spotlight, which explored the very timely and very heavy themes of abuse in the theater. I played the abuser’s best friend, and was able to really sink my teeth into a meaty role all about loyalty, culpability and victimhood. It was a wonderful, enriching experience, if occasionally dark and depressive. But then all the best roles are!

I’m writing constantly too! I self-published a book of poetry for fun, but in a more theatrical realm: I was lucky enough to have had a science fiction screenplay I wrote and workshopped in the city be read by an LA casting professional, who spoke highly of the piece. I’ve since been exploring how I may use this work and others to further my writing career on the other side of the country. I’m also adapting the Greek tragedies that make up The Oresteia into an epic new play both accurate with regards to the original texts/mythology and sensitive to modern tales of cyclical violence, abuse, familial rage and a muddied concept of justice.

I’m working on this show with an established NYC playwright for the purpose of producing it through my theatre company Combative Theatre Co. We will soon be workshopping our - already very polished - draft at the Flea in downtown NYC, using a group of wonderful actors not only to read but to start acting out (with stage combat, of course) certain integral scenes. We’re aiming for a Spring 2019 run, so definitely keep checking back in for updates about that!

Finally, things are going wonderfully for me personally (knock on wood). I’m engaged to the love of my life, planning a wedding, reading good books, drawing, playing video games and exploring my creativity at every turn.

I will try to write more frequently with updates, particularly as I work to bring these various projects to fruition.

Love to You All,


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