Charging Into 2019!

Happy Belated New Year!

2019 has been looking good for me so far, as I continue to branch out in an effort to always be keeping busy with creative projects.

First, a quick update on previous ones already mentioned:

We workshopped The Fury – my adaptation of the Oresteia for Combative theatre Co – briefly at the Flea before deciding to move elsewhere in order to have more freedom to work with more actors. We are currently in talks with the wonderful people at The Shakespeare Forum to use their space not only for this, but also as a hub to from which to offer unique stage combat workshops to the public. This would strengthen our image and keep us engaged while giving back to the community.

Writing-wise – the science fiction screenplay I wrote and sent out to LA is being edited for another round of submissions to writer’s agents. I’ve also added a feature-length horror screenplay to my repertoire, basically arming myself with work I’m proud of to keep elevating my professional profile.

In that vein I’ve written a short horror film which is going to be produced next month by the incredibly talented women of Wild Obscura Films (definitely check them out if you haven’t yet). That’ll be an excellent piece to actually SHOW off my writing abilities, and we’ll be submitting it to a whole bunch of festivals after what aught to be a quick post-production process.

You may have noticed all my talk of arming myself, of stage combat and my martial mindset. Same here! And I’ve decided to go further with that seeing as how it’s very clearly a part of who I am. That means I’ve taken additional concrete steps to work more as a Fight Choreographer and Stunt Coordinator here in NYC. And this decision has already borne fruit, with me having gotten to coordinate an awesome post-apocalyptic short out on Staten Island, and shortly thereafter show teens how to wrestle safely for an independent feature film currently in production. I absolutely love the work and look forward to continuing it and expanding it even as I grow my theatre company, acting resume and writing career.

Otherwise, I continue to audition, self-tape, attend meetings with agents and managers and even try to do some occasional background work, all to be on set or on stage as often as I can. Hey, it’s where I love to be!

Until the Next One,


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